Silent Sunday

A peaceful moment. 


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ascend

It's time to Ascend!!! My favorite part of a plane ride is ascending. Although I don't get to travel much often, but when I do, I see it as an opportunity to refresh my mind from the everyday stressors. Traveling is such an amazing blessing that we get to have.


2017 was definitely an Experimental year for me. That was my goal though. I wanted to spend as much time as possible to experiment with my creativity. I wanted to find my niche, a niche where I can invest in myself and grow professionally. After so many ups and downs, self doubt, and many other challenges I... Continue Reading →

It’s Only Temporary

A reminder that every struggle, every trial, every pain, is only Temporary. And only after that you rise much more stronger than you were before. That's the beauty of life!  

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