Some Strange Things…


An Average Earthling


It all started when we were on our way to the Mother Land a couple of months ago. At the airport the TSA person was giving me the typical “heeejab (headscarf) pat down”. After she was done, she was all like “you have beautiful hair!” and in my head I was all like “yo! you didn’t even see my ha…oh wait, she’s actually being nice and stuffs!”. So I was like cool, I smiled and carried on. THEN when we landed in Paris. We’re getting off the airplane and here I am struggling with the luggage like a tiny puppy with a giant suitcase. As my full attention was focused on not falling down the stairs, a lovely brothern (who works at the airport) took my bag and carried it the rest of the way and he was all like “Bounjor!” and I was like “gracias, I mean merci!”. Smiling at him, I took my bag and carried on.

Fast forward to coming back to Columbus land. My mom and I minding our own business while walking into Aldi, a woman yells from behind me “I LOVE YOUR SCARF!”. For a second I thought she was talking to someone else, so I turned around and there she was smiling at me. So I thanked her, smiled, and again carried on.

Today, my mom and I were chilling outside. Taking in some fresh humid air while mosquitos feasted on us. She was sewing and I was reading. The OSU police rolled by slowly. I looked at him, then looked back at ma book. Then I hear my mom saying, “hiii!” while waving. I look at her in confusion. Then she was all like, “the police guy was waving at us *giggles*”. I was like, cool cool, back to reading. 10mins later I see my mom waving again. I look up and with a huge smile she says, “the bus driver was waving at us, *giggles*”.

So to the TSA person, thank you for easing my stress. It’s hard to fly while Muslim. To the brothern at the airport, thank you for saving me from falling down the stairs in Paris. To the person at Aldi, I really, REALY needed your compliment that day. It’s a daily struggle to walk out with the hijab (headscarf). And to the police guy and bus driver, thank you for making my mom smile, we’ve had a rough couple of weeks.

As strange as all of these happenings may seem to me. They all came at a perfect time. Just when I needed it.

This just reminds me to never, ever underestimate an act of kindness.


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