I’m A Graphic Designer Wanna Be…

Here’s a little something about me. I’ve been working with Adobe Illustrator for the past 6-7 years. Although my background is in Industrial Design, I fell in love with illustration/graphic design after I graduated college.

Personal work done on illustrator CS4

I’ve been doing freelance work on and off ever since. Mainly print design such as banners, flyers, signboards, and book covers. BUT, when I say freelance, yes, I mostly did the work for free. Three reasons why this happened:
1. I never thought my work was good enough.
2. I kept telling myself that this is for practice, so why would anyone pay me?
3. People didn’t think my time is of value, so they never offered to pay me (and I never asked for compensations).
To be honest, not getting paid for most of my work has drained me. So word of advice for any beginner freelancers out there, make sure YOU value YOUR work. If you don’t, then why would anyone value your time or effort?


This is all in the past now. I really want to start taking myself a bit more seriously, even if I may seem like a teeny, tiny fish in a vast dark ocean. As long as there is commitment, consistency, passion, and self-worthy, then the sky is the limit. Woohoo! Although, there are times where I wish I can be adopted by an illustrator/print design guru so they can teach me all of their ways to glory, but for now I will keep on dreaming.

During this creative adventure, I decided to take a break from my love of illustrator. I need time to recap and to gain some confidence so that I may return better than ever. Just like in any relationship, sometimes you just need a break.

You got to have some fun with Dancing Sheep!

Have you ever had to step back from something that you loved doing? How did it go?



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