The Holiday Adventure Pt.1: I Didn’t Prepare!

We have a four-day holiday (Eid Al-Adha) coming up on Monday, September 12th, and I have prepared, pretty much, nothing. Thankfully, my father already bought all the necessities and my mother is taking care of all the heavy duty cooking (yay!). I personally like to keep things simple. So usually I would buy some decorations, or flowers, or a few new things for the house. It just adds to the sense of excitement on the first day.

As my mom and I were making a mental list of all the things that we needed to get done; I realized that I’ve been a complete sloth this year and didn’t really do anything to prepare. So now I’m going to go on a “I need to get ready for the holiday” adventure!

Let’s get started so you can get a glimpse on how this average Earthling gets things done. First things first, I need to tighten my headscarf a bit and hit the road. Off to the stores I go!

(Stay tuned…)


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