The Holiday Adventure Pt.2: The Day Before Eid

(Part 1 can be found here)

How do I say this? Today was pretty awesome indeed! Besides the weather being extremely beautiful (as you can see in the photo below), the feel in the air was quite fantastic too.


After hitting the road, I thought of getting something special for the family. Things have been on the little rough side lately, so a small gesture can go a long way.


Yup, you guessed it! I got my family’s favorite cake from the best little bakery in town. This cake can cheer up an entire army. Trust me, I was all smiles when I walked out. It’s that good.

I went home, put the cake in the fridge, rested a bit and then my mom and I went out to finish the rest of our shopping adventure. We discovered a small bakery which carried cookies that looked quite delicious. I couldn’t resist and bought a little bit of everything. The cashier was a polite young man who came from Iraq. He spoke very softly, and told us how all of his family and friends are back home. I noticed his sadness. My mom replied to him with a prayer of unity between him and his loved ones. He then smiled.


After coming home my mom and I got to cooking some of the traditional dishes and tidied up the house a bit. I added a few balloons here and there (because you can’t celebrate a holiday without balloons) and a few flowers. I like to use artificial flowers because they can be used over and over again without having to sadly watch them deplete.


Now that the place is all tidied up and looking fresh, it’s me time! A couple of weeks ago I found my dream dress at a local thrift store. Long sleeves, floral design, modest, perfect fit for just $7.99. I decided to save it for Eid and to attend morning prayers with. So now it’s all ironed and looking good! I’m super excited to finally look semi decent after quite sometime.


Alright, I think today’s adventure was a complete success! My mom and I are happy with our discoveries. Can’t wait for tomorrow to attend morning prayer, see friends, smile at young ones (who will be running around in their cute traditional outfits), and come home to our home-cooked meals, and most importantly, eat cake!

(Stay tuned for more pictures!)




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