Pain: Before The Ship Sails

She thought she can ignore the pain. She thought it’ll disappear if she forgets. She thought maybe if she loves unconditionally her heart will mend back together. But pain is pain. It leaves the heart broken, and without treatment…it will never go away.

That’s the greatest life lesson she learned. Without treatment pain will never go away. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to change. Instead of hiding beneath the covers, she decided to stand tall, straighten her cape, and fly high! She knew she had to take the wheel before the ship sails. She had to learn to love herself; because loving oneself is the greatest of all treatments to pain.

“Magic begins the moment you start exploring yourself. So get going, don’t stop, look forward with your head high and go through the most beautiful journey that is you!”― Sarvani Rajdeep


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