The Dilemma Between Surviving and Living

It wasn’t until my last job that I questioned the difference between surviving and living. I was in a Dilemma. I thought I loved working, but from the long hours, to even working weekends, I was drained and was no longer that creative person that I wanted to be. Am I working to survive? Or am I working to live? If I’m working to survive, then eventually work will become mundane and I won’t be giving it my best. If I’m working to live then there should be a healthy balance between work life and personal life.

When one works full time, there are always sacrifices to be made; whether it’s spending long hours away from loved ones, missing out on important occasions, or even not having the energy to focus on self-development.

Most employers are dead focused on getting the best out their buck from their employees. In return that creates such a negative work environment for the whole company. This may not be the case with every employer/company, but there needs to be more work environments that create a healthy balance between work life and personal life. Where employers encourage their employees to take time off or work less hours to rejuvenate; while paying them a decent salary. This will create a long lasting, healthy, and positive relationship between all within the company. Where everyone is working while living.

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