Nostalgia: Riding This

Alexandria, Egypt. Summer 2016.

The Tram is pure Nostalgia for me. It has been around since the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Besides the horse & buggy, the tram is probably the oldest form of  large transportation still around today in Alexandria, Egypt. It consists of three carts. The first is for the ladies, the second is for the men, and the third is for families.

The Tram is ridden when you are low on money, have absolutely no where to go, or want to take all of the time in the world to get to your destination. It is quite slow. But still many choose to ride it. And I am one of those many. A lot of fond memories are formed around the Tram. I remember when I was really young I would sit by the window to take in the cool summer breeze and get lost in watching the world go by. I would sit there and watch street venders display their goods, watch buyers negotiate prices, watching mothers carrying groceries as her children followed her closely, watch people as they hang their laundry on their balcony, watch people as they go on with their lives. It’s because of these rides that my curiosity of the world around me was flourished. I loved every moment of it!

The Tram is also the place where we had random conversations with strangers, had the best laughs, got advice, shared food, and even cried with one another about life’s hardships. Today in this busy world, the Tram forces you to take it slow, to sit back, and to reconnect with life.

It doesn’t matter how old I am, every time I go to Egypt I will take the tram, sit next to the window and watch the world go by…

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