My Creative Adventure: discoveries, treasures, and time


It’s been about two months that I decided to set forth on this adventure. Well, it’s more like a mental, self discovery adventure I would say, but with a creative flare. Let me tell you, I’m so happy I took this on. I discovered a lot of negatives and positives within myself that I wasn’t fully aware of, or at least I didn’t really take the time to acknowledge them.

On the negative side: I realized that I would push myself down every time I slightly rise up. On a positive side, I discovered a few treasures: 1. my love of challenges has been rekindled (hence, my blog is filled with some of these awesome challenges) 2. whatever I set my mind to I do it the exact way I wanted, and sometimes even better! Which is very cool and makes me wonder, what else can I do?

All in all, I want to thank everyone who commented, liked, and has followed along on this wonderful adventure! I hope that you may benefit from my creative flares as much as I enjoy creating them. Here’s my latest photo, a symbol of taking the first step in making a blog:


On a side note, earlier when I stated ‘I didn’t really take the time…’ that’s something I discovered too; the value of time. Taking the time to discover and understanding yourself should be as vital as eating and drinking. I was so happy to see other bloggers here doing this very thing! I read blogs about authenticity, self reflections, struggles, achievements etc., these very bloggers are taking the time to be present in this fast-paced life. So it makes me so happy to see that I can relate with other average earthlings whom I’ve never met before. What an inspiration it has been!


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