The Endless Cycle of Self-Doubt: Can I Do It?

Yes I can, but only if I’m determined enough to do it (whatever it may be).

As a millennial, in the creative world where the feeling of how tiny I am is constantly there; the endless cycle of self-doubt comes around more often than not. Recently, a good friend had called me out while I was busy running in that endless “I’m not sure if I can do it” cycle. Her calling me out, immediately stopped me in my tracks: how long am I going to be in this cycle?is that really me? No! That’s not me. That will NOT be me. Hence, I went into deep self-reflection mode.


After a few days, I remembered the amazing human power we all naturally posses: Willpower. For a closer look, Merriam-Webster defines willpower as the ability to control yourself : strong determination that allows you to do something difficult. Combine willpower with hard work, commitment, consistency, and a dash of passion then watch the magic of success unfold. It might take some time with a few road bumps here and there, but eventually it will. That’s what makes success sweeter.

I need to keep reminding myself of that. I also need to remind myself that before I extend my arm to reach for any goals, I need to achieve a strong willpower first. Willpower along with the other combinations (hard work, commitment, consistency, and passion) act like a foundation to achieving any goals. If willpower is weak, then the goals will easily crumble; and when it’s strong, then the vision will be honed and the ability to reach those goals will be strong.

That’s when the magic of success will begin to unfold beautifully.


It’s a simple concept, but such a powerful tool!


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