Thoughtful Thursday: Paying It Forward, and Forward, and Forward

On a day like today I met a young mother with a newborn baby. She who going through the toughest of times, too tough for her tender age. She wasn’t very talkative but the sadness in her eyes spoke louder than words. There was nothing I was able to do for her at that moment, so I sat beside her and listened. Two strangers sharing a moment.

Then I remembered how ecstatic I was to receive my friend’s surprise gift just earlier that day. So I extended my hand and decided to pay it forward and give the young mother a gift. Although she never asked, I knew she needed financial help. That night I reached out to friends and family; and the very next day a generous amount was raised for this young mother. This was not just a monetary donation, but it was a gift of hope.

She humbly received it. We departed warmly after exchanging some small talk, tears, and a heartfelt hug. This young mother’s eyes are forever embedded in my very heart.

A friend’s gift had turned into an opportunity for others to give, and later into a gift of hope to a beautiful young mother and her child. The power of paying it forward, and forward, and forward.

This is the Magic of life…

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