Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

My friend and I were at the park. She was enjoying her green tea latte and I was fiddling around with my camera. Suddenly two small ducks began heading our direction. I thought maybe they didn’t notice us, since usually wild animals/birds of this small nature would run away from giant humans; but closer, and closer they came.

Then they roamed around us for a bit, and when they realized we were of no use to them (aka we didn’t have food) they quietly walked away.

My friend and I felt bad that we couldn’t give them anything, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have enjoyed green tea latte, but we were honored to have been acquainted with their presence, Against the Odds.

It always astonishes me when I see how wild animals/birds adapt to human beings. Life is fascinating in so many ways!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

  1. It always is amazing when wild animals show no fear of humans. I get alarmed for their safety, their natural instincts superseded by desire for a free handout. While I feed birds in winter, I am told that they are not harmed by it and do not form dependence. The other animals I’d rather not see in my yard are deer eating up the garden or bears going through the compost bin! 😉

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  2. They do get used to people and, as Stephen points out, to the food that too many people feed them. We have geese that are here year-round now, rather than migrating. Some of that is due to places where they can naturally feed, but also to people feeding them.


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  3. Unfortunately, these ducks have been fed by humans – and often enough that they now expect to be fed. Far too many people fed bread to ducks – which is very bad for them. They really cannot digest processed food. It is far better that wildlife NOT be fed: they will fend for themselves and be better off for it.

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