Dancing In the Wind

The ends of my clothes carelessly dancing in the wind.
I stand, I stand there so high above looking at the ocean waves crashing against these giant rocks that look like they pierced there way above the ground.
Wave by wave they crash so meticulously as if they are being composed by a musician obsessed with perfection.
I feel the wind, but yet everything is silent.
So so silent.
I close my eyes and I stretch the corners of my lips, I reach my arms out as if I’m grabbing both ends of the world.
The winds now tickle the tips of my fingers, and the sun so sweetly kissing my being.
Oh how free are my thoughts, how free is my soul, how free I am.
I stand there in peace, so carelessly, so calmly, what a majestic moment this is.
I open my eyes once again, but now I see darkness.
Where am I?
Fear crawls up my body like fire engulfing a fragile piece of paper.
Where am I?
I do not know!
So lost and confused, my mind frantically paces back and forth looking for an answer. An answer for what?
I do not know!


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