Life has its ups and downs, and for the past couple of years my life has been in the downs more than the ups. Just recently I went through a series of misfortunate events with work, family, and my own personal development, therefore, I was down in the dumps. Not knowing what to do or where to go, I decided to start blogging. For quite sometime I’ve been wanting to create my own blog, but as the most average Earthling, I didn’t know what I would blog about. My life isn’t that interesting.

Or so I thought.img_2857

I realized that I focused too much on who I’m not, rather than who I AM. Therefore, after much contemplation, I decided to blog my adventures as I rediscover myself. As a person with a creative background, I want to do this through photography, writing, design, and art. My goal is not to only focus on myself, but also to help others relate as well. That’s because it’s a bit uplifting when you find a fellow earthling going through the same troubles as you are, but they decided to rise up instead of fall.

Truly, I hope that you enjoy going through the adventures that this average Earthling has set forth. Though I’m at the very beginning stages, I dream that this adventure becomes of benefit to all in the future.

Let’s start, shall we?