Silent Sunday: The Busy Bee

Can you see the bee amongst the blooms?


Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green


A good friend of mine (Brit) shot this photo a few months ago. I wasn’t aware that she was behind me taking this shot. But I’m glad she did. It shows the sense of contentment I’m in when I’m surrounded by nature 🙂

It’s one of my favorite photos and I want to use it to welcome the Spring Season. A season where It IS Easy Being Green!

Design & Illustration Series Pt. 10

It’s official, I have completely fell in love with these polygonal illustrations! I’ve been playing around with this technique in the past couple of weeks, and it has been really fun.

They are a bit challenging, and time consuming, but once you see the outcome of your work and you are actually happy with it, then it’s all worth it. It’s that sweet feeling of satisfaction & accomplishment with in yourself, is what I love about creativity.

Actually, for years I wondered how to go about with this technique. I’ve tried so many different ways, only to give up, because I just could not wrap my mind around it. And now I did it! I figured it out, and it feels beyond awesome. I feel like I can now run in a field of daisies with my arms stretched, and my head facing the clouds, just to give life a giant hug, lol!


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