Black and White Photography: A Mother’s Love

The sweetest kind of love.


Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match


Two love birds: A Good Match

This is one of my all time favorite photos. Ever. I captured this sweet moment when we were at a small restaurant in China. This was when I traveled to Mainland back in 2011 (will be posting more photos from that trip, so stay tuned!)

Like a Jewel Amongst Rubble

She knew.


She knew the world can’t see her heart. But she loved. An indescribable love it was. She held it in, so tightly that she could no longer breathe. That very love she carried day and night was the very cause of her pain. But she carried it anyways. She knew the world needed it. The world needed a little bit of that love.

So she held on anyways.

Because true love is rare.

Like a jewel



Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

Just like a Tiny drop of water can have an endless ripple effect, our very own vibes and energies can have a ripple effect on the environment around us.

I hope we all are giving out our good vibes and positive energies, because that’s what the world needs the most…

Ah! My Love

Sitting there drowning in thought I was. The cool fall breeze lifted my head up and I saw you. Ah! My love. Hiding behind the dancing fall leaves, patiently waiting for the sun to descend so you may shine brightly amongst the stars. You are beautiful my love.
I smiled. Sitting there taking in this euphoric energy from life. No longer drowning in thought I was. And, just like you shine amidst the darkest skies, today, you have shined my life once again. You are beautiful my love.