Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green


A good friend of mine (Brit) shot this photo a few months ago. I wasn’t aware that she was behind me taking this shot. But I’m glad she did. It shows the sense of contentment I’m in when I’m surrounded by nature ūüôā

It’s one of my favorite photos and I want to use¬†it to welcome the Spring Season. A season where¬†It IS Easy Being Green!


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

The Road Taken: Back in 2011, I went on a study abroad opportunity in Hong Kong, China. Besides the schooling, every weekend we went on a new adventure to explore as much as we could.

One weekend a group of my classmates decided to go to Cheung Chau Island. I, of course, tagged along. We hiked around the island for a bit, looking for the path that lead to a small private beach. After getting lost a couple of times, and asking for help from the locals with our limited Cantonese, we finally found the path!


The path was more like a very long hike up and down the mountain. On a scorching hot summer morning, we wondered if we would ever reach the beach. But the views, the peace, the oneness with our surroundings, and the greenery were phenomenal! And it was worth it.

Definitely one of the best roads I’ve ever taken. I would do it again any day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match


Two love birds: A Good Match

This is one of my all time favorite photos. Ever. I captured this sweet moment when we were at a small restaurant in China. This was when I traveled to Mainland back in 2011 (will be posting more photos from that trip, so stay tuned!)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

My friend and I were at the park. She was enjoying her green tea latte and I was fiddling around with my camera. Suddenly two¬†small ducks began heading our direction. I thought maybe they didn’t notice us, since usually wild animals/birds of this small nature would run away from giant humans; but closer, and closer they came.

Then they roamed around us for a bit, and when they realized we were¬†of no use to them (aka we didn’t have food) they quietly walked away.

My friend and I felt bad that we couldn’t give them anything, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have enjoyed green tea latte, but we were honored to have been acquainted with their presence,¬†Against the Odds.

It always astonishes me when I see how wild animals/birds adapt to human beings. Life is fascinating in so many ways!